Perm State University History Museum impresses visitors with its collection. The exposition of antique objects will be an unexpected discovery for any visitor.

The museum was founded in 1973. However, the art collection – artefacts from Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Japan, India, Western Europe – came to be created in 1916, when the university was opened. At that time, the museum existed for academic and educational purposes. Its directors, despite the difficulties of the civil war, managed to acquire an impressive amount of objects in just a few years. The ancient collection of the university consists of private collections, among which three people have to particularly mentioned: the antiquarian Aaron Elterman, general Alexander Palnikov and professor Vladimir Sviatlovskiy. The objects are made of different materials (clay, glass, bone, metal, plaster), refer to different historical periods (in the case of Ancient Greece, for example, they go back to a period from VI century BC to the 2nd century BC), geographical areas and methods of execution. All together, however, they are proof of how everyday life has been conducted from century to century.

The project was implemented by the Center for Digital Humanities with the support of the Perm University Endowment Fund and specifically targets the history museum’s objects from antiquity. Items from other collections will update the section.