Art objects on Perm University campus

In a huge campus space its museums unfairly remain in the background, serving just as something optional, whereas remarkable objects hide behind their doors and legends are willing to carry our imagination back in time to the epochs past and lands untravelled and tell us how the campus and its people lived. Since 2012, Perm University has become a participant of the «Night of Museums» in order to draw more attention to the museum treasures. Maria Romashova, the initiator and the mastermind of the project, launched it in the Perm University History Museum. Since then, Perm citizens are looking forward to this festival, held in the end of May, as one of the few opportunities to get through the museum doors and participate in their cultural and educational programmes. It was in the same 2012 when Perm University first became one of the platforms for the interventions of a street-art activist, Mark Jenkins (USA). At that time many anthropomorphic sculptures made of sticky tape appeared on the territory of campus, inviting a spectator to interact.  In 2016 began the cooperation between the «Night of Museums and Botanical» project and modern Permian artists. Marina Pugina, a research worker in the Perm State Art Gallery, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, Perm University, was supervising the project and Lena Tararukhina, a deputy director of the Perm University History Museum, graduated from the Faculty of Philology, Perm University, took responsibility for project management.  Such an artistic experiment was not only successful, but it also turned into an annual tradition. Within the project we introduce museum collections to the artists and try to encourage their open comprehension, which stands above the walls of the rooms they are kept in. The campus is gradually transforming, becoming not only a place for nostalgic memories of the student days, but also an important part of the city’s artistic life.