Perm University History Museum

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Head: Mariia Romashova
Address: 614990 Perm Bukireva st., building №2
Phone: (342) 2-396-592

In 1916, at the time when the university was founded, the staff of its Antiquities and Arts Museum started the process of gathering a collection. Professors searched for materials to represent the art and daily life of various civilizations. Therefore, in the first years of its existence, the museum acquired ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman artefacts, Western European engravings, Japanese books, Indian boxes, Chinese women’s shoes and more. In the 1980s, this collection found its home in the newly opened Perm State University History Museum and is kept there since that time.

The museum exposition supports the idea of universal collection – starting point of dialogue on any topic. he space is divided into two parts: the university history and the zone with temporary art exhibitions. We gain a better picture of university life in the past through documents (e.g. lists of first students), personal belongings (a professor’s hat that everyone can try on), mechanic apparatuses (e.g. arithmometer, model of solar system) and rare photographs, which are located in chronological order. The exhibition “To live in the polis” about the everyday life of Greeks and Romans in ancient times occupies the central part of the museum.

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