Zoology of Vertebrates Museum

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Address: 614990 Perm Bukireva st., building №1, 931 office
Phone: +7 (342) 2-396-440

The museum exists since 1933 as a part of the Zoology of Vertebrates Department, named after professors M. Menshikov and A. Bukirev. The exposition includes cyclostomes, sharks, amphibians, reptiles, rays, tsepnogolovye, bone fish, birds (especially fully represented day-old predatory and owls) and specific kinds of mammals that were collected by the students and professors. Among the exhibits, there are many rare objects, as chimeras, sharks, spearmen, diodes, a giant salamander, cape varan, a black stork, the peregrine falcon, platypus, echidna, Russian muskrat and others.

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