New Recreational Space Plan and Blitz-Debates “Argy-Bargy”

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On February 22, 2017 Peter Stabrovsky, designer of the “Campus Martius, or How to Become a Citizen of Perm University” project, presented the plan of a new recreational space near the Perm University History Museum. His objectives were to create a functional area which would serve as recreational and exhibition space at the same time. Peter Stabrovsky suggested using the modularity principle, for example, a “display-bench”, as can be seen from its name, can be used both as a piece of furniture for sitting and as an exhibition showcase. The recreational space is also meant to serve as a lecture hall with an overhead projector, and the mobile exhibition panels will have removable information boards. Moreover, extra electrical sockets will be fitted at the entrance to the Perm University History Museum. The realization of the project will start in March-April 2017. The recreational space will be opened in May 2017 during the “Night of Museums and Botanical Garden”.


The people who came to the presentation were in for a pleasant surprise: the participants of the «Peremena» (or “change” in Russian) laboratory (those who had recently attended the master class of Peter Stabrovsky and had played an intellectual game “Azbuka” (or “ABC” in Russian) were awarded with certificates designed in the “Campus Martius” theme.

Right after the presentation of the project the blitz-debates “Argy-Bargy in the Museum” took place. The themes of the blitz-debates were connected with Perm State University, the Perm University History Museum, the patronage and, indeed, the museum’s antique collections. The teams had to accomplish quite a difficult task: they were to convince the strict and incorruptible jury of their point of view. The jury was composed of Maksim Trofimov (PhD in Historical Sciences), Director General of the Perm creative agency “Azbuka Morze” (or “Morse Code” in Russian), a consultant on antique history questions, Sergey Ostrovsky (Perm Local History Museum) and Anastasia Shipitsina (PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art) and Maria Romashova, Director of the Perm University History Museum.



Not only students, but also Perm State University staff took part in the blitz-debates. The contestants debated the necessity of introducing a course on the History of Perm State University into a 1st year students’ curriculum, the role of a museum in the educational process and also about such important issues for museum workers as “Night of Museums: joy or disappointment», and «Student internship at museums: an investment in the future or a waste of time”. As the result of the struggle the following teams won:

  • “Lingua Paladina”, the team of the 2nd year students of the History and Politology Faculty (3rd place),
  • “Krasapety” (or “Cuties” in Russian), the team made up of Perm State University staff (2nd place),
  • and “Herlock Sholmes”, the team of the 3rd year students of the History and Politology Faculty (1st place).


The Perm University History Museum, the “Campus Martius” project team and the organisers of the blitz-debates “Argy-Bargy” express their gratitude to all the visitors of the event. More meetings connected with the “Campus Martius” project are to come. Follow the news via:

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